Spay-Neuter Information

Female Dog Spay                                        $61

Male Dog Neuter                                        $46


Female Cat Spay                                              $46

Male Cat Neuter                                              $31

TNR-Free roaming cat in live trap

(spay or neuter) includes rabies shot and ear tip

and FVRCP and Upper Respiratory Vaccination                  $40

Rabies Vaccination                                         $18

Supplemental Pain Medication                      $10


Ask about other vaccinations available

Appointments are now being made directly to the clinic.

Please contact 877-3FIXPET


"I want to thank you and all the people who made this program...possible. If it weren't for you and your fellow contributors, I could not afford to have (my pet) spayed, and I knew it needed to be done.  Thanks to you, she has a happier life and so do we."


"I truly appreciate your help and think this is a wonderful program...I hope this program continues to do well, so it can help others as it has me.  I love animals and do not like to see them being mistreated.  We are their voices."


"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank all of you for making it possible for us to have our rescued dog neutered recently.  He is a great pet!

He was dumped out on the highway near our house and came up into our yard.  He's a keeper. He gives real hugs with his front is so sweet. Thanks again for your help!."


"Y'all helped me out more than I could ever thank you for!  God bless y'all."